Our "NEW" Address:
Drexel Management Services
1010 West Chester Pike Ste. 301
Havertown, PA 19083
Phone: 610.924.9290
FAX:    610.924.9293

We specialize in Windows based products, enhancements to existing MultiValue based applications, and customized  solution based programming.

Let us help you in:

Raining Data D3 Pick database conversion and/or upgrade
JBase installation, conversion and support
Custom .Net Applications
VB Custom Applications
VPN Internet Connections
Web Applications

There are many other types of core services and products that we, Drexel Management Services, specialize in. Please feel free to use the navigation bar found at the top of the page to obtain further information.

Please feel free to send us any questions, comments or suggestions via our contact us page.

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What's New
Credit CARD processing !!
Drexel Management now offers a Credit Card processing application for MDBS.  Whether you have JBASE, D3, or any MDBS, we can set up Credit Card processing which can be added to your existing application. No more using Credit Card Machines to process orders.
In addition, we have a BACK OFFICE Windows application which tracks transactions and runs reports. Call us today for a quote !
What's New

Drexel Management is proud to announce a new relationship  with  JBase International.  Please check our site later for up to the second news about this exciting new offering.
What's New
We are proud to announce that Drexel Management is the Touch Application for Maryland Division of Cluck U Chicken Fast Food.  This Visual Basic Application uses a Pick flavor database to process orders, dispatch drivers, and to do general accounting. See POSXPRESS for more details.
Drexel Management &

Drexel Management has embraced the Visual Basic .NET Platform as its standard for GUI (Graphic user Interface) programming.  All future programming projects with start and finish in .NET

.NET enables us to use the latest and greatest Microsoft tools to create amazing applications and answer  clients' NEEDS and WANTS.

Image copyright: Microsoft Corp

What's New
Drexel Management is one of the strongest East Coast Value Added resellers for Raining Data's NT based D3 product.  Being one of the first to migrate customers from AP/PRO or R83 products to D3 has been one of our greatest strengths.

We now offer Open System add-ons for our D3 users such as Active Fax (windows based faxing software), web page and email interaction, wireless barcode readers, and printers.
Products and Ideas
Multitech VPN
Connect one or more remote sites with VPN (Virtual Private Networking).

Using a Multitech RF550VPN  enables clients to tunnel through the internet and create a direct, secure connection between 2 or more sites, an  easy and cost effective solution. 

Allowing the user to share MS Excel, MS Word, MS Exchange mail, or any WINDOWS file, a VPN is the solution for you.

Call us for details.

USB Jump Drives
In our new product category, we have found that USB Jump Drives are a great back up solution for small to mid sized companies. 

These devices use a USB port to create a drive letter, and  come in 128mb, 256mb, 1GB, or 2GB size. Great for taking files off site,and for safe storage. 

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