Web Design
With the increasing demand of e-commerce and Internet development, Drexel Management has partnered with Raining Data to offer connectivity from Pick Applications to HTML. Ordering on-line or live product searches can be on your companies web page sooner than you think. We also offer VAR support for Raining Data products. We have also introduced the use of Macromedia's product suite to add graphics and motion to your web page.

We are able to link D3 (Raining Data Databases), and other Multivalue databases to the internet. Here are some examples:

Inventory Enquire by customer
Sales Screens
General Reports

Live Demonstrations

For live demonstrations of please call 610.924.9290 9am -6pm Mon-Fri to contact Drew Conboy or Lee Rubin.
During non-business hours pleas use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


mvDesigner Projects
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Current Projects
Mayflower Sales
T&T Freezers
Norbar Fabrics
Beckley's Camping Center